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A/B and MVT testing services
The best way to guarantee success in your testing is to build a great hypothesis. Starting with a solid hypothesis means your tests:
  • Are more likely to give a winning result
  • Will give you bigger results and more improvements
  • Won't end up inconclusive or unhelpful
Based on our experience delivering significant revenue increases for over 50 companies worldwide, the hypothesis generation kit gives you a step by step process to create the best hypothesis for every test you run.
Based on the "5 Questions" model, this kit will take you through every step including:
  • Identifying the right goal so that your test will make a difference to the business
  • Using data and research to make sure your test addresses user issues and will actually impact conversion rates
  • Finding the right changes to make to pages to have the most impact
  • Making the right choices so you launch the best possible test

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Our totally free Hypothesis Kit includes:
  • 5 Questions workflow and checklist, taking you through the hypothesis generation process
  • Barrier & Motivator worksheet, helping you to identify your userss' problems
  • Tools & techniques reference to get your research underway
  • Brainstorming and prioritisation framework, to help to identify what changes to make and where
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