How we inform the strategy of a billion dollar SaaS business

My name is Ebony, and I’m the Director Of Product Marketing.

What is your experience of working with Browser to Buyer?

It’s been really wonderful working with Browser To Buyer. They’ve helped us in a number of things related to you know, better understanding our customers. Everything from, you know, reviewing customer data, reviewing our user flows and really getting good understanding of the customer funnel. The qualitative and quantitative research through different surveys and research methods which help inform a lot of our strategies.

What results did you get through working with Browser to Buyer?

Together we’ve launched over, I would say 30 or so tests that has really helped lift the performance of many of our sites.

What results did you get through working with Browser to Buyer?

What I liked about working with Browser To Buyer is just that we can have, you know we always set aside time at the beginning of the quarter to run through multiple hypotheses and ideas, map them out. And the team is just really nimble and quick in getting tests live, highly technical and analytical in reporting out results and accommodating to the client. You know depending on whatever applications we have, Browser To Buyer was able to supplement it or amplify where we had. So I thought that was really great.

What impact did the project have across the organisation?

We’ve shared with all of the results that we have, all of the positive results, and even the ones where you know, some of the tests that didn’t work, we’ve shared it across the business because it’s just good learning for everyone in general. So those learnings we actively share on a regular basis across the company.

Would you recommend Browser to Buyer?

Absolutely reach out to Browser To Buyer if you want some expert support on CRO.

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