The new landing page that tripled sales

I’m Alexandra Pietila. I’m responsible for the company’s sales and marketing under the title chief growth officer. And the company I’m representing is EFlexFuel.

Why did you decide to engage Browser to Buyer?

We had a challenge with our website conversion and the conversion was unusually low. And since I have been working before with Dave, he is such a great person to deal with. He’s responsive, he’s open, he is, you know, so I didn’t have to look for anything anywhere else. I knew that if I need someone to take care of the conversion optimisation, the analytics part it’s Dave.

What results did you get through working with Browser to Buyer?

Comparing this landing page, and then the actual, you know the usual website we have, So we talk about easily tri fold better results.

What was Browser to Buyer like to work with?

What I like about working with Dave is that he has this genuine interest in helping. He’s not just an agency who’s doing, you know, something that they, you know they oversell maybe, and then they deliver something. They just committed. You can feel it along the whole process that he’s committed to achieve the results. So he even goes for that extra mile to get you there where you want to be. So I like that. Yeah, I was impressed.

What impact did the project have across the organisation?

So this project, as it has been there has gotten great attention from many sides like our CEO and you know practically everybody involved are somehow talking about conversion funnels. So they, it became like a magic word. You would be crazy not to. If you need a conversion funnel specialist and so forth, don’t waste your time by looking any other options, just go for Dave.

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